Story of my life

Being a full-time psychologist, I help solving issues to heal mental problems for people.

Dr. Sween Saini

From where it began

My entire childhood revolved around one goal:

Dr. Sween Saini is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience spanning diverse roles in education, psychology, and public speaking.

As a dynamic leader, she has spearheaded initiatives as a Computer Programmer at National Industries and later as a Career Counselor and Team Coach at NICE Computers. Driven by a vision to inspire and empower individuals, she founded The Mind Mentorz, serving as a Clinical Psychologist and Parenting Coach.

Dr. Saini is renowned for her expertise in career counseling, psychotherapy, and stage management, evidenced by her extensive tenure as an MC for various cultural and educational events. With a passion for writing and conducting webinars, she actively engages global audiences, embodying her mission to make her nation a beacon of inspiration and opportunity for all.

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Dr. Sween Saini is a life changer, having magical skills for helping people with psychotherapy.

~IMA Hoshiarpur Women Cell