Module-1: Anxiety and Kids- The Basics

  • Quick Guide to Anxiety in Children
  • What Are the Signs of Anxiety?
  • What Are the Different Kinds of Anxiety?
  • How Anxiety Leads to Problem Behaviour
  • When to Worry About an Anxious Child
  • How Anxiety Affects Teenagers
  • Why Childhood Anxiety Often Goes Undetected (and the Consequences)
  • Anxious Stomach Aches and Headaches

Module-2: Parenting Anxious Kids

  • What to Do (and Not Do) When Children Are Anxious
  • How to Avoid Passing Anxiety on to Your Kids?
  • 10 Tips for Parenting Anxious Kids
  • How to Help Children Manage Fears?
  • How to Separate from Clingy Kids
  • How to Change Negative Thinking Patterns
  • Tips for Calming Anxious Kids
  • Kids and Climate Anxiety
  • Helping Kids Who Are Scared of Going to the Doctor
  • How to Help Kids with Sleepover Anxiety?
  • How to Help Kids Worried About ‘Bad Thoughts’?
  • How to Help Kids Deal with Embarrassment?
  • The Secret to Calm Parenting

Module-3: Anxiety and School

  • How Does Anxiety Affect Kids in School?
  • How to Help Kids with Math Anxiety?
  • Back to School Anxiety
  • When Kids Refuse to Go to School
  • How to Talk to Kids About School Shootings
  • Mindfulness in the Classroom

Module-4: Treatment for Anxiety in Children

  • Behavioural Treatment for Kids with Anxiety
  • Guide to Medications for Anxiety in Children
  • Best Medications for Kids with Anxiety
  • The Power of Mindfulness

Module-5: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  • Children with generalized anxiety disorder have a lot of worry about a variety of everyday things, rather than one specific thing.
  • Quick Guide to Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Module-6: Separation Anxiety Disorder

  • Kids with separation anxiety are extremely afraid of being away from parents or caregivers.
  • Quick Guide to Separation Anxiety Disorder
  • What Is Separation Anxiety?

Module-7: Social Anxiety Disorder

Children with social anxiety experience aren’t just shy. They experience intense worry about embarrassing themselves or being judged negatively by others.

  • Quick Guide to Social Anxiety Disorder
  • What Is Social Anxiety?
  • Tips for Managing Social Anxiety
  • Helping Young Children Who Are Socially Anxious

Module-8: Specific Phobias

A specific phobia means that a child is intensely afraid of a particular thing, like dogs or heights.

  • Quick Guide to Specific Phobia
  • Agoraphobia in Children
  • Fear of Vomiting

Module-9: Selective Mutism

Kids with selective mutism are usually talkative at home but refuse to talk in other settings (like in school or public places).

  • Quick Guide to Selective Mutism
  • Selective Mutism: Helping Kids Find Their Voices
  • How Shy Is Too Shy?
  • Tips for Helping Kids with Selective Mutism Go Back to School
  • When Should Medication Be Used to Treat Selective Mutism?
  • Helping Children with Selective Mutism During the Holidays
  • Myths About Selective Mutism

Module-10: Illness Anxiety Disorder

Children with illness anxiety disorder worry a lot about getting seriously ill.

  • Quick Guide to Illness Anxiety Disorder

Module-11: Panic Disorder

Kids with panic disorder experience repeated panic attacks, which have symptoms that can feel like a heart attack.

  • Quick Guide to Panic Disorder
  • Panic Attacks and How to Treat Them